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Villain Unrivaled

악역무쌍, Peerless Villain, agyeogmussang , Villian unrivaled

Synopsis Villain Unrivaled

When I woke up, I discovered I had become the villain in the martial arts novel I wrote! But of all people, why does the body I possess belong to a damn villain?

Hyuk Ryun Woon:
The fourth son of the Demonic Cult’s Leader
A nasty womanizer
A martial arts weakling with a filthy temper
A worthless villain who is one shotted by the main character in the novel!

If I don’t want to be killed by the main character, I have no choice but to become strong.
“Fucking hell. The main character and whatnot, I’ll wipe them all out!”
The Shaking Tale of a distasteful villain who uses whatever means necessary to survive!